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Policy & Dress Code


Click on the attachment below to view performance guidelines for MTASM events.


Students attend lessons once a week for 30, 45 or 60 minutes during the months of September through May. Summer lessons are available and encouraged during June and July. There are no piano lessons in August. Due to scheduling demands, there are no make-ups given for missed lessons except in the case of bad weather or teacher illness.

Students may also attend weekly theory classes during the months of September through May. There are no group lessons during the summer months.

Parents are encouraged to attend lessons in order to assist and encourage their child(ren). Small children should be taken outside if they are disruptive in any way.

More Tips for Success

Please be sure your piano is in good tune, you have proper lighting and that the room is free of distractions during your practice session. Please consider purchasing a high quality acoustic piano.

Parents should be positive and encouraging about practice and progress and should supervise daily practice. This may mean actually sitting down with the student each day to help him practice and understand his assignment. Carefully follow the practice assignment sheet.

Parents and students should work together to establish a particular time of day for practicing. This time should be a carefully guarded priority. Family members and friends need to respect this time.

Please call or email the teacher if there are questions about the assignment or if there are any concerns about lessons.

Students should play often for family and friends.

Students should participate in activities offered throughout the year.

Students should attend recitals, concerts and workshops.

Students should read books about music and listen to good music at home.


30-minute lesson$34.50
45-minute lesson$51.75
60-minute lesson$69
Group Classes*$22.00/class per child
Musikgarten*$22.00/class per child
Annual Materials Fee$25.00
Additional Activity FeesFees vary per event

* Group is free for all piano students of Patricia Blanchard. Group charges only apply to those who are not taking lessons at Blanchard Piano Studio.

* Musikgarten is a series of Preschool Music and Movement Classes.

Payment of Fees

All lesson fees are paid monthly, in advance of the first lesson of the month. Refunds will not be issued for missed lessons.

Your bill will be ready for pick up one week before it is due. Please return your payment in the brightly colored envelope.

Registration fees for activities are billed at the time the teacher needs to send in registration for a particular event. Fees for activities are non-refundable.

Book fees will appear on your bill the month after the books are given out.

The materials fee covers photocopies, folders and other yearly supplies.

Conduct & Guidelines

Respect and kindness towards others at piano lessons is a priority, especially with many students participating in group classes. Simple thoughtfulness of others will go a long way in fostering a positive learning environment. While group classes are very enjoyable, there is still a lot of important learning taking place. Please refrain from any activity that would hinder others in their learning. Parents should visit in the hallway or outside; better yet, parents are invited to attend lessons!

During waiting and transition periods, students are invited to use the back study room, remain quietly in the studio or sit outside. They may play on sidewalks or the in cul-de-sac, but please, no roaming in the yard or flower beds. Please do not walk on the stones under the deck or kick up stones in the driveway. Young children and babies should be immediately taken out of the studio if they become a distraction.

No food or drinks are permitted at piano lessons. (This includes the studio, study room and hallway.)

Students and their families should remove shoes upon entering the studio and students should have clean hands and trimmed nails. Please see bulletin board for studio dress code.

An adult must accompany young children to the restroom. Please be sure the toilet is flushed and the is lid closed.

Please remember that this is a home and must be treated differently than a business.

Dress Code

Please dress in a way that is appropriate for piano.

  • Shorts should be fingertip-length or longer
  • Please, no exposed midsection and no low-cut tops for girls
  • Guys, no tank tops or cut-out shirts

For recitals…

  • Boys: Long sleeved white shirt, tie, dress pants and shoes
  • Girls: Modest dress and dress shoes


No conferences are planned for the current school year, unless specifically requested by individual families. Mrs. Blanchard is always available by email or phone to discuss progress or answer questions.